About the GlobalPSC


The Global Product Stewardship Council is an independent, not-for-profit forum for product stewardship development and an online resource for information on product stewardship policies and programs across the world.

Members span producers, product recovery organisations, reprocessors, NGOs and governments at federal, state/provincial and local levels.

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Our vision is to facilitate the development and implementation of effective product stewardship schemes globally



Our missions are to:

  • Enable individuals and organisations to readily access relevant knowledge, people, research and information on product stewardship, including knowledge and access they would not easily find elsewhere
  • Help governments, businesses, organisations and communities around the world to develop and implement practical, effective and sustainable product stewardship solutions
  • Draw practical lessons from international experience and help tailor those lessons to local circumstances
  • Investigate new solutions and ‘best’ practice
  • Address information gaps and demonstrate thought leadership



Our goals are:

  • A better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of product stewardship approaches in reducing impacts of products on the environment throughout their lifecycle, including more efficient resource and energy use, and less pollution
  • The implementation of effective product stewardship schemes – economically, environmentally and socially
  • The implementation of product stewardship approaches that transfer environmental and social costs from the broader community to the producers and users of particular products


Activities Include

The GlobalPSC has:

    • grown membership to span twelve countries and include other non-profits, businesses of all sizes and governments at national, state/provincial and local levels
    • provided the GlobalPSC’s perspective through presentations in Europe, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China
    • conducted research, stakeholder engagement and facilitation of product stewardship programs for paint and batteries, and research for sharps
    • been appointed to Government advisory bodies on Australia’s development of product stewardship framework legislation and designation of priority products
    • provided Senate testimony on Australia’s framework legislation
    • assisted briefings for the (US) National Caucus of Environmental Legislators
    • conducted study tours of electronics recycling operations in China and Hong Kong
    • conducted research and member briefings on developments in packaging, electronics and other products
    • held meetings in France regarding French EPR systems for sharps, packaging, electronics and unwanted medicines as well as the OECD and the French EPR Commission
    • conducted study tours of battery and packaging producer responsibility programs in Switzerland, France and Belgium
    • participated in North American study tours of recovery operations for electronics, paint, packaging and carpet
    • undertaken a study tour of electronics reuse and recycling operations in the UK
    • initiated study tours of packaging, electronics, unwanted medicines, batteries, toner cartridges and other items in Australia and New Zealand
    • convened the International Product Stewardship Summit
    • led public policy and business case development for paint and batteries
    • cross-promoted relevant events in Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand
    • co-hosted free webinars with the Product Stewardship Institute on the updated OECD EPR guidelines and on exploring possible roles for EPR in the Circular Economy
    • joined Australia’s Minister for the Environment in launching the Paintback program
    • presented at, and attended, the CEO & Business Leaders Summit
    • expanded social media and networking opportunities including:
      • discussions with over 1,400 members from 46 countries in a public forum on LinkedIn
      • presence through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube


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