Executive Commitee

David Lawes – President of GlobalPSC Executive Director of BC Used Oil Management Association

David Lawes has the unique experience of being a regulator and an operator of product stewardship programs.

David is the Executive Director of the BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA), which is the provincial stewardship agency for the oil, antifreeze and filter industry. BCUOMA has an annual flow through of $12M and serves a population of 4.5M with 500+ public return facilities. David is also the Principal of David Lawes & Associates, which provides strategic advice to businesses and other clients on producer responsibility programs and environmental legislation.

David is a Director on the Canadian Product Stewardship Council, an organization that operates the biannual Conference on Canadian Stewardship.

David also serves on the Executive Committee of the Stewardship Agencies of British Columbia (SABC) and is the Chair of the SABC Education and Awareness Committee.

David is a former (2012-2015) Management Board member of the National Zero Waste Council

From 2005 to 2014, David worked with the British Columbia (Canada) Ministry of Environment to develop award winning Producer Responsibility programs  for the province. In that time David served as co-chair of the Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment Waste Task Group and represented the Province at several national and international events.

David’s education includes studies in Environmental Management and Business (MBA).


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