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Important News for GlobalPSC Members

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Dear Global Product Stewardship Council member,

We would like to thank you for your support of the GlobalPSC and let you know of some important upcoming changes that are intended to help ensure you have ongoing value from your membership.

We have upgraded our website to better enable us to share meaningful information.

Member profiles can now be more actively promoted. Current profiles are available here. We urge GlobalPSC members that have not already been profiled to email us and ensure program information and any social media contact details are up to date so we can prepare the profile. We can also update the profiles, so please advise us of any changes you would like to make.

We will also be publishing a regular GlobalPSC newsletter as a service to our members and a supplement to our social media updates. We intend to issue these newsletters roughly once per month.

We will examine new developments in product stewardship and feature one product type or program. Events that the GlobalPSC is hosting, presenting at or otherwise supports will also be featured. See below for a summary of currently planned events.

GlobalPSC newsletters will provide some information we make publicly available as well as some information that current members can click to access in greater detail. All members are provided access when joining the GlobalPSC and your login details will be the basis for accessing additional information from the newsletter.

Please follow the test link below to ensure that you will have access to this information.

In addition to the items you can currently access through our members-only Knowledge Base, we are actively compiling a database of product stewardship and producer responsibility programs. Details will be forthcoming. Feel free to contact us to share information about your own program or to request research on a particular program or topic.

As always, we appreciate your ongoing support.

GlobalPSC Member Profile – MobileMuster

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MobileMuster has been a Corporate Member of the GlobalPSC from our start and a strong sponsor of GlobalPSC events.

MobileMuster is the Australian mobile phone industry’s official, not-for-profit, product stewardship program. It was established voluntarily by the mobile phone industry to minimise the impact of mobile phones and their accessories on the environment at the end of their useful life. This free recycling service aims to:

  • keep old mobile phones, batteries and accessories out of landfill,
  • recycle them to the highest environmental standards, and
  • maximize the percentage of materials recovered so they can be reused therefore substituting new raw materials.

No mobiles or accessories are sold for reuse.

Since the mobile telecommunications industry introduced its recycling service in 1999 through the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA), MobileMuster has collected 886 tonnes of mobile waste including over 6.34 million mobile phones and batteries which have been kept out of landfill.

MobileMuster was a sponsor of the GlobalPSC’s inaugural International Product Stewardship Summit and the GlobalPSC’s Product Stewardship Implementation Workshop.


Events Update

Posted by GlobalPSC in Events at 8:46 pm, June 5th, 2012

The Global Product Stewardship Council is hosting or presenting at the following events:

One or more GlobalPSC Executive Committee members will also be attending the following:

At each of these events, we will be promoting the involvement of GlobalPSC members and our activities.

* GlobalPSC member discounts available

GlobalPSC Sustaining Corporate Member – AgStewardship Australia

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AgStewardship Australia became the first Sustaining Corporate member of the GlobalPSC in May 2011 and continues to be one of our most active members.

AgStewardship Australia Limited develops and implements stewardship programs for Australia’s agricultural sector. It is a not-for-profit company, which brings together a partnership of organisations representing the supply chain, from chemical manufacturers to primary producers and local government. These partners share the common goal of managing safely agricultural chemicals and their containers, from manufacture to disposal. The organisation is responsible for overseeing the successful drumMUSTER® and ChemClear® programs, which have become benchmarks for voluntary product stewardship in Australia.

The drumMUSTER program has recently collected more than 21 million waste containers.

CEO Karen Gomez explained why AgStewardship Australia became a Sustaining Corporate member, “The Global Product Stewardship Council is a logical extension for AgStewardship Australia. Its knowledge network is a valuable opportunity to understand the advances and issues facing product stewardship from an international perspective. It provides AgStewardship a forum to share its insights and interact with leaders in the field, while contributing to fostering product stewardship.”

Karen participated in our International Product Stewardship Summit and as a plenary speaker at the GlobalPSC’s Product Stewardship Implementation Workshop. Karen also represented AgStewardship Australia on the GlobalPSC North American study tour and spoke at international product stewardship events.

British Columbia to Launch Stewardship Program for Toys

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British Columbia will launch a Stewardship Plan for Electronic Toys on July 1, 2012.

On behalf of the Canadian Toy Association, the Canadian Brandowner Residual Stewardship Corporation has partnered with Waste Management Canada Inc’s Upstream Division to implement the Stewardship Program for Electronic Toys.

The first phase of the Stewardship Program aims to generate credible information on efficient collection methods, recoverable volumes and recovery rates. The initial information will be used to further design and modify the implementation of the Stewardship Program.

The consultation paper and background information are available here.

European Parliament Resolution on Resource-efficiency Includes EPR

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On 24 May 2012, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on a resource-efficient Europe. The Resolution calls for more EU-wide extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes, and for new legislative and labelling initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability. A summary of the Resolution’s recommendations and analysis of its implications has been posted on the Global Product Stewardship Council Knowledge Base available to GlobalPSC members, courtesy of GlobalPSC members Perchards.

GlobalPSC members can access the information by logging in to the Knowledge Base at

Packaging Product Stewardship – Auckland Round Table

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Auckland – Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Venue change: Now the Novotel Auckland Airport on Ray Emery Drive

8:00 am for an 8:30 start

The Global Product Stewardship Council, Sustainable Packaging Alliance and Packaging Council of New Zealand are hosting round table discussions on commercial and policy drivers for packaging product stewardship and sustainability. Speakers include:

  • Michele Bollinger, General Manager of Kimberly-Clark New Zealand
  • Dana Peterson, Senior Analyst of the NZ Ministry for the Environment
  • Paul Curtis, Executive Director of the Packaging Council of New Zealand
  • Russ Martin, President of the Global Product Stewardship Council
  • Lyn Mayes, founder of Mad World Limited

Facilitated round table discussions with participants will follow each presentation. Results will be reflected in an Issues Paper provided to each participant. Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Members of the Global Product Stewardship Council and Packaging Council of New Zealand receive special rates on registrations.

A flyer with the full program and registration details is available here. Attendees based in New Zealand please tick the appropriate box on the secure payment form to ensure that GST is not applied.

GlobalPSC Corporate Member – Panasonic Australia

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Panasonic has been a leader in voluntary recycling programs around the world for more than a decade. The company is focussed on recycling electronics and developing products and packaging that are sustainable and re-usable from initial design to collection to end-of-life.

In Australia, Panasonic was a foundation member of Product Stewardship Australia (PSA) and worked with government to introduce a scheme for the collection, re-use and recycling of end-of-life TVs and refrigerant from air conditioners. Panasonic is now working with other technology and consumer electronics companies within the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) to see a national scheme implemented in 2012.

In the video below, Steve Rust, Managing Director of Panasonic Australia, discusses the business case for Panasonic’s approach to product stewardship in Australia and internationally.

Sustainable Packaging Design Workshop

Posted by GlobalPSC in Events at 2:03 pm, May 8th, 2012

The Sustainable Packaging Alliance (SPA), a member of the Global Product Stewardship Council, is conducting a one day workshop to provide consumer goods packaging designers, technologists and environmental managers with the knowledge to integrate environmental decisionmaking into their packaging design processes. The workshop will take place 18 June 2012 in Sydney. Program and registration details are available here.

New European Program Information for GlobalPSC Members

Posted by GlobalPSC in News at 9:48 pm, May 2nd, 2012

New information on European programs has been posted on the Global Product Stewardship Council Knowledge Base available to GlobalPSC members, courtesy of GlobalPSC members Perchards.

News items have been posted for the following:

  • Delay for the Recast WEEE Directive.
  • French adoption of several decrees to implement commitments made in the Grenelle forum and set out in principle in the two Grenelle laws.
  • Draft French decree on a common set of symbols to provide consumers with waste sorting instructions for recyclable products.
  • Defra (UK) report on progress of its Waste Policy Review.
  • 2010 data on municipal solid waste generation and treatment.

GlobalPSC members can access the information by logging in to the Knowledge Base at

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