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GlobalPSC Corporate Member – Call2Recycle

Posted by GlobalPSC in Member Profiles at 6:31 pm, October 30th, 2011

We are pleased to have Call2Recycle® as a Corporate Member of the Global Product Stewardship Council. Call2Recycle is the only free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program in North America. Since 1996, Call2Recycle has diverted over 60 million pounds of rechargeable batteries and cell phones from the solid waste stream and established a network of 30,000 public collection sites, including major retail partners. Advancing green business practices and environmental sustainability, Call2Recycle is the most active voice promoting eco-safe reclamation and recycling of rechargeable batteries and cell phones. Consumers, businesses and municipalities count on Call2Recycle as a way to dispose of a growing source of household waste and fulfill their mission for a more sustainable earth. The free program meets or exceeds the most rigorous recycling standards in the world. Founded in 1994, Call2Recycle is operated by RBRC, a non-profit organisation.

Content on Call2Recycle provided by Kellen Jahn, Call2Recycle.

Sustainable Packaging Breakfast Series

Posted by GlobalPSC in Events at 3:31 pm, October 25th, 2011

The Global Product Stewardship Council, Australian Packaging Covenant and Sustainable Packaging Alliance are bringing together senior executives in packaging sustainability to keep them abreast of current developments, learn from peer experiences and keep sustainability matters and the role of packaging on the company radar. The seminar will demonstrate the business case and benefits for investing in packaging sustainability initiatives and provides an opportunity to network with industry peers.

Friday, 9 December 2011      Hilton Hotel, 488 George St, Sydney

Time: 7.00 – 9.00am            Cost:  $75 inclusive of breakfast

Presenters and Topics:

David Carter, Director of Environmental Strategy and Sustainability, Lion Pty Ltd

The beverage and packaging industries in Australia have recently hammered out a program to voluntarily fund an additional $20 million per year to increase recycling at home and away from home, while decreasing litter. This is above and beyond contributions to the Australian Packaging Covenant and funding for other industry initiatives. The stakes are high, and timing is especially significant, as the Commonwealth and state governments evaluate the costs and benefits of a range of nation-wide efforts to increase recycling and decrease litter. Be one of the first to hear publicly about the details for program funding and learn how the funding will be spent to deliver meaningful results.

Gigy Philip, National Manufacturing and Packaging Services Manager and
Martin Orzinski, Technical Manager Packaging Services, Coca-Cola Amatil

‘Coke’ is one of the most recognised words in the English language, often second only to ‘okay’. The contour bottle has been an integral part of Coke’s success. As part of its commitment to sustainable development, Coke has led light-weighting and packaging design initiatives from eliminating HDPE base cups to figuring out how to blow mould the iconic contour bottle in PET to producing bio-based polymers on a major scale. These initiatives have provided both commercial benefits as well as contributing to reducing the environmental impacts of packaging. Hear how Coke approaches packaging sustainability, how it integrates this with other corporate goals and, the flow-on to its global supply chain partners.

Additional information and registration details available here.

GlobalPSC Member Profile – Rep. Melissa Walsh Innes

Posted by GlobalPSC in Member Profiles at 9:42 pm, October 20th, 2011

Although we’ve had a number of individuals join the Global Product Stewardship Council, we’d like to welcome and profile Rep. Melissa Walsh Innes of Maine as the GlobalPSC’s first legislator to join as an individual.

Melissa is an elected State Representative in the Maine Legislature, serving her second term. Serving on Maine’s Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, Melissa focuses on promoting the sustainable management of materials through product stewardship, both at the state and national level. Melissa was the sponsor of Maine’s first-in-the-US Product Stewardship Framework Law of 2010, and currently works with legislators, businesses, NGO’s and consultants around the world to help foster a constructive dialogue in this policy area.

Melissa blogs on product stewardship issues at The Innes EPR Report and works with various groups to hold discussions and forums on issues relevant to the policy area. Melissa was pleased to attend the GlobalPSC’s first International Product Stewardship Summit last year as a keynote speaker on the recently enacted framework legislation in her state, and continues to travel and speak nationally and internationally on product stewardship to diverse audiences. Melissa looks forward to her membership at the GlobalPSC, and encourages others to join as well.

Call for E-waste recycling to cover more than televisions, computers and mobile phones

Posted by GlobalPSC in News at 6:15 pm, October 18th, 2011

MobileMuster, the recycling program of GlobalPSC Corporate member the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, encourages e-waste recycling to expand rapidly over the next five years and include all types of consumer electronics and business equipment.

“Since the inception of MobileMuster in 1999, we have had hundreds of questions from concerned Australians about how, and where, they can recycle TVs, computers, cameras, mp3 players, dvd players, batteries and home phones,” says Manager, Recycling with MobileMuster, Rose Read.

“Similarly, we have seen a rapid evolution and convergence in electronic products over this time such as tablets, which will continue at even a faster rate in the future,” continues Ms Read.

MobileMuster encourages government to include a mechanism within the draft regulation for the collection and recycling of old televisions and computers to ensure a regular review of the list of products included within each class of products.  Given the rapid evolution and convergence of electronic products in the market, this review ideally would be every 12 months.

MobileMuster also encourages the government to promote and facilitate the establishment of other electronic product voluntary and/or co-regulatory schemes in addition to existing schemes like MobileMuster (mobile phones and accessories) and Cartridges 4 Planet Ark (printer cartridges) to address this gap in e-waste recycling.

The full media release is available here.

EPR for Packaging and Printed Paper in British Columbia

Posted by GlobalPSC in Events at 11:16 am, October 16th, 2011

The Global Product Stewardship Council and Product Stewardship Institute held a special policy breakfast session with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment on 27 September, 2011 about British Columbia’s new requirement that all producers of packaging and printed paper collect and recycle the products they make and sell. BC currently has more product stewardship programs than any other North American jurisdiction and this latest regulation is considered a possible model for the U.S.

The session was held in conjunction with the 7th Annual National Product Stewardship Forum and the 26th Annual Hazardous Materials Management Conference in Portland, Oregon. The BC Ministry’s David Lawes provided an overview of BC’s framework Recycling Regulation and extended producer responsibility in BC, and Teresa Conner outlined the implications for packaging and printed paper. The presentation is available here. Lengthy discussions followed the presentation.

Thanks to the Product Stewardship Institute, David, Teresa and session sponsor Nestle Waters North America for making the event possible. We’d also like to thank all those that attended. Despite allowing for a reasonable-sized crowd, we had standing room only and had to expand into an adjoining meeting room to accommodate the interest.


Posted by GlobalPSC in Events at 9:50 am, September 17th, 2011

For those in the Washington/Oregon area, and particularly those attending the 7th Annual National Product Stewardship Forum in conjunction with the 26th Annual Hazardous Materials Management Conference, you are invited to a pre-conference session:

Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Programs in British Columbia

Presented by the Global Product Stewardship Council and the Product Stewardship Institute
Sponsored by Nestle Waters North America

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Time: 8:00-9:30 am
Location: the Washington Room at the Double Tree Hotel in Portland, Oregon
Cost: Free for all attendees

Don’t miss this special pre-conference opportunity to hear from key officials from the BC Ministry of the Environment, who will talk about British Columbia’s new requirement that all producers of packaging and printed paper collect and recycle the products they make and sell.  Packaging and printed paper have been added to BC’s framework Recycling Regulation, which provides a common set of requirements for all product categories prescribed in schedules of the Regulation.  BC currently has more product stewardship programs than any other North American jurisdiction and this latest regulation is considered a possible model for the U.S.

The BC Ministry’s David Lawes and Teresa Conner will outline the regulations and answer questions in a small group setting that encourages active discussion. David and Teresa will be joined by Russ Martin, President of GlobalPSC, and Scott Cassel, Executive Director of PSI.

Please e-mail Russ Martin at to RSVP.

Thank you to session sponsor, Nestle Waters North America.


Australian TV & Computer Product Stewardship Regulation Exposure Draft Released

Posted by GlobalPSC in News at 9:08 pm, September 14th, 2011

The Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has released the Product Stewardship (TV and Computer) Regulation exposure draft and commentary on the Regulation for public comment. Public consultations on the Regulations are currently underway.

Public consultation on the exposure draft will end on 10 October 2011. Written submissions are invited. Additional information on the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme is available on the Department’s website.

GlobalPSC Member Profile – Sustainable Packaging Alliance

Posted by GlobalPSC in Member Profiles at 5:16 pm, September 12th, 2011

We are pleased to profile Global Product Stewardship Council members the Sustainable Packaging Alliance (SPA).

Increasingly companies want to provide more sustainable products and be more sustainable in how they operate. Within this context, packaging is a high profile issue that must be considered in a company’s sustainability strategy.


Brand owners, packaging companies and retailers are all pressed to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging; driven by various Government regulation, consumer expectations, corporate goals, branding, cost reductions and logistics optimisation.

SPA arms businesses with the knowledge, tools and skills to make informed packaging sustainability decisions that generate commercial and sustainability benefits.  We draw upon our industry, academic and Government networks to provide packaging sustainability tools, services, development and networking events.

Content provided by Victor Barichello, Relationship Marketing Manager, Sustainable Packaging Alliance

GlobalPSC Member Profile – Lion

Posted by GlobalPSC in Member Profiles at 6:02 pm, September 9th, 2011

The Global Product Stewardship Council profiles the members that make it possible for us to help facilitate the development of effective product stewardship approaches. One of our first Sustaining Corporate members is Lion.

Lion is Australasia’s largest food and beverage company, employing close to 8,000 people and delivering revenues in excess of $AU5.7 billion. Active on product stewardship in their industry, Lion maintains a leadership role by holding the positions of President of the Packaging Council of New Zealand, Chair of the New Zealand Glass Forum and sitting on the board of the Australian Packaging Council and Australian Food and Grocery Council ‘Packaging Stewardship Forum’. Separately, through ministerial invitation, Lion represents industry on the New Zealand Environment Minister’s ‘Waste Advisory Board’.

David Carter, Director of Environmental Strategy & Sustainability, who led the decision, stated “Lion is very happy to become a Sustaining Corporate member of the Global Product Stewardship Council, which we hope will allow us to gain a broader understanding of what others around the world are achieving and be able to improve our Product Stewardship outcomes to world class.”

“This approach is consistent with Lion’s Sustainability Strategy. Sustainability at Lion is about how we do business. We cannot achieve our core purpose of bringing more sociability and wellbeing to our world, unless we act sustainably.

“We have a clear goal – to reduce our environmental footprint while we continue to grow. We have a strong record of investing to improve our environmental footprint over many years. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and waste and to increasing the recycled material in our packaging and its recyclability. We are also committed to environmentally sustainable sourcing of inputs. We have put in place clear targets in each of these areas and we intend to be accountable to our people and external stakeholders as we endeavour to achieve
them. Specifically in the area of our products packaging we are focused on product stewardship that encompasses :-
• designing packaging that is more resource efficient and more recyclable;
• increasing the recovery and recycling of used packaging from households and away-from-home sources; and
• taking action to reduce the incidence and impacts of litter.”

GlobalPSC Member Profile – AgStewardship Australia

Posted by GlobalPSC in Member Profiles at 5:45 pm, September 9th, 2011

The Global Product Stewardship Council will be profiling the members that make it possible for us to help facilitate the development of effective product stewardship approaches.


Our first member to be profiled is AgStewardship Australia, the first Sustaining Corporate member of the GlobalPSC.

AgStewardship Australia Limited develops and implements stewardship programs for Australia’s agricultural sector. It is a not-for-profit company, which brings together a partnership of organisations representing the supply chain, from chemical manufacturers to primary producers and local government. These partners share the common goal of managing safely agricultural chemicals and their containers, from manufacture to disposal. The organisation is responsible for overseeing the successful drumMUSTER® and ChemClear® programs, which have become benchmarks for voluntary product stewardship in Australia.

CEO Karen Gomez explained why AgStewardship Australia became a Sustaining Corporate member, “The Global Product Stewardship Council is a logical extension for AgStewardship Australia. Its knowledge network is a valuable opportunity to understand the advances and issues facing product stewardship from an international perspective. It provides AgStewardship a forum to share its insights and interact with leaders in the field, while contributing to fostering product stewardship.”

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