International Product Stewardship Summit Issues Paper

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The Global Product Stewardship Council has had a resurgence in requests for information about the inaugural International Product Stewardship Summit.

The Summit was held November 2010 in Sydney, Australia, and attracted some 100 experts from government, industry and other stakeholder groups. The Summit attracted an impressive line-up of international speakers who addressed a feast of product stewardship issues including harmonisation, voluntary and mandatory programs, and legislation.

The GlobalPSC developed an Issues Paper, available for download, that focuses on the key topics discussed at the Summit. Each topic is supported by case studies and includes:
• The Changing Role of Product Stewardship.
• Frameworks and Harmonisation.
• Voluntary Programs.
• Mandatory/Regulatory Programs.
• Legislation.
• Producer Attitudes.
• Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement.
• Future Goals.
• International Product Stewardship Summit Information.

Proceedings are available for free to GlobalPSC members or at-cost for non-members. Details are available on the Events tab at

Given the results and interest expressed, we intend to hold comparable events as resources allow.

Please note that GlobalPSC contact details have been updated since the Issues Paper was originally developed.

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