Nova Scotia Extends Consultation on Product Stewardship and EPR

Posted by GlobalPSC on GlobalPSC Advisory Group at 10:54 am, July 10th, 2014Comments0

The GlobalPSC has gotten confirmation from Nova Scotia authorities that they are extending their consultations on approaches that include a product stewardship /extended producer responsibility (EPR) framework across a wide range of products.

Nova Scotia has flagged possible product stewardship / EPR for 24 product categories as part of proposed changes to the provincial solid waste regulations. Consultation is now open until 1 August 2014.

The GlobalPSC¬†sought members’ views¬†on the proposed Nova Scotia changes and is finalising a submission in consultation with our newly formed Advisory Group. Similarly, the GlobalPSC provided a submission to the New Zealand Ministry for Environment on behalf of our members in response to a discussion paper on prioritising particular products for product stewardship. The New Zealand response is available in the Knowledge Base available to GlobalPSC members, under the Frameworks & Harmonisation tab.

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