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Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan for British Columbia

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Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) has posted its Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) Stewardship Plan and other information describing how it will collect and recycle PPP in British Columbia. MMBC submitted the PPP Stewardship Plan to the Ministry of Environment on 19 November, 2012.

MMBC previously sought feedback on a draft plan and invited interested parties to submit comments. Details are available here. The draft stewardship plan is available here and a summary of the consultation process is available here.

UPDATE: The MMBC PPP Stewardship Plan was updated in February and April 2013. The April 2013 version is available here.

Select Proceedings from Electronics Recycling Asia in Guangzhou, China

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In November 2012, the Global Product Stewardship Council attended the Electronics Recycling Asia event in Guangzhou, China. Select presentations from the event have been posted on the Knowledge Base available to GlobalPSC members, with the consent of the presenters.

The presentations posted include (in no particular order):

  • The Principles of Proper Regulation by Crystynna Ewe of Dell in Singapore
  • Sustaining Electronics Recycling Globally: Key Ingredients to a Successful Market by Robin K. Wiener of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. in the US
  • How does Taiwan Recycle Electronics Waste? by Prof. Hsiao-Kang Ma of the National Taiwan University Department of Mechanical Engineering in Taiwan
  • Rare Earth Recovery from Urban Mines: Recycling of Luminescent Powder from Fluorescent Lamps by Thomas Langer of OSRAM AG in Germany
  • European WEEE Recycling Standard – What will the EU WEEELABEX Standard Require of Global Recyclers? by Julie-Ann Adams of Really Green Credentials Ltd in the United Kingdom
  • Development of Total Recycling Technologies for Flat Panel Display Devices by Dr Hyun Seon Hong, of the Institute for Advanced Engineering in Korea
  • Electronic Product Stewardship in Australia and New Zealand by Russ Martin of the GlobalPSC

GlobalPSC members can log in to the Knowledge Base via the Members tab at

GlobalPSC Member Profile – Vinyl Council of Australia

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The Vinyl Council of Australia was established in 1998 to advance the sustainability of the vinyl or PVC industry in Australia. Members are drawn from across the supply chain, representing a wide range of products.

In 2002 the Vinyl Council launched a Product Stewardship Program for the industry.

This voluntary initiative sets out a series of commitments for Signatories along the vinyl supply chain to address the environmental and health aspects associated with the life-cycle of PVC.  Over 35 Signatories are currently committed to actions in areas including manufacturing emissions, safe use of additives, and end-of-life management.

During ten years of operation the Program has resulted in improvements through reduced emissions, phasing out of lead and cadmium additives, waste management activities and adoption of life-cycle thinking in new product development.  Stakeholder feedback, annual reporting and expert scientific and technical research help to maintain the Program’s relevance and effectiveness.

Chief Executive Sophi MacMillan serves on the GlobalPSC Advisory Group.


GlobalPSC Member Profile – Zero Waste SA

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Zero Waste SA has become the latest Government Member of the Global Product Stewardship Council.


Zero Waste SA was established in 2004 and promotes practices that advance the development of resource recovery and recycling and, as far as possible, eliminate waste or its consignment to landfill.

Through collaboration, advocacy, financial incentives and education, Zero Waste SA is working to meet the target in South Australia’s Strategic Plan to reduce waste by 35% by 2020 and achieve the milestone of 25% by 2014.

Zero Waste SA’s  first five year strategy helped to reduce waste from 2002-03 levels by 17.3% and reinvested $60 million of levy funds into recycling and waste reduction projects targeting local government, industry, business, schools, community groups and the tertiary sector.

South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2011–2015 has two key objectives:

  • maximising the useful life of materials through reuse and recycling
  • avoiding and reducing waste.

The Waste Strategy for 2011-2015 maintains the original vision but focuses on new challenges. These include:  avoiding waste; taking a more considered approach toward resource consumption; and addressing the more difficult wastes such as food scraps, electronic waste (e-waste) and contaminated soils.

For more information visit

Convergence of Product Stewardship and Zero Waste at Zero Waste Summit

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Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water, Senator the Hon Don Farrell, addresses the Zero Waste Summit in Melbourne, Australia. Senator Farrell, who led the passage through Parliament of Australia’s Product Stewardship Act 2011, cited bipartisan support for the Act and updated attendees on product stewardship developments in Australia, including the new TV and computer recycling scheme.

Global Product Stewardship Council President Russ Martin chaired the first day of the Zero Waste Summit and presented the GlobalPSC perspective on global developments in product stewardship. Other speakers on product stewardship included representatives of the Australian Government, Fuji Xerox, ANZRP and Australian Packaging Covenant. The GlobalPSC was a proud supporter of the Summit.

The Australian Government has worked in collaboration with the GlobalPSC, from being one of the GlobalPSC’s first government members and an International Speaker Sponsor for the inaugural International Product Stewardship Summit, to seeking GlobalPSC input into the development of product stewardship legislation. We are certainly grateful for the Australian Government’s ongoing support.

GlobalPSC Database of Product Stewardship and EPR Programs

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In addition to our existing Knowledge Base, the Global Product Stewardship Council is compiling a database of international product stewardship and producer responsibility programs for GlobalPSC members. Initially, we are seeking basic program information across product and material categories developed in conjunction with stakeholders. We expect to provide greater detail over time as resources allow.

We encourage users to submit program information and share the link to the page with other programs so that they can be included.

Contributors will be acknowledged and are asked to serve as contacts for further inquiries. All posts will be moderated and checked for accuracy prior to posting. The first few lines of program description will be visible publicly, while GlobalPSC members will be able to access the full descriptions by logging in.

Those willing to provide more detailed program information are encouraged to complete the GlobalPSC’s template analytical framework and return the framework to us for peer review and posting.

Any questions or feedback can be emailed to

Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan for British Columbia

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Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) has posted its Draft Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) Stewardship Plan and other information describing how it will collect and recycle PPP in British Columbia. MMBC is currently seeking feedback on the draft plan and has invited interested parties to submit comments by 9 November. Details are available here. MMBC intends to submit the PPP Stewardship Plan to the Ministry of Environment on 19 November, 2012.

The draft stewardship plan is available here and MMBC’s presentation from a 29 October consultation workshop is available here.

Ramsey County Concerns About EPR Report

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In the Global Product Stewardship Council’s September 2012 newsletter, we highlighted duelling data and reports on the value of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for consumer packaging in the U.S. and shared more detailed analysis with GlobalPSC members. One of the programs examined, Ramsey County, Minnesota, has raised concerns about their treatment as a case study in one of the reports, so we are now providing their response to GlobalPSC members.

Evaluation of Extended Producer Responsibility for Consumer Packaging (“the SAIC report”) was prepared by SAIC for the Grocery Manufacturers Association and released in September 2012.

The letter provided by Ramsey County states that they “have concerns about this report, including:

  • The consultant’s process for including Ramsey County as a case study,
  • The potential implication that Ramsey County, a strong supporter of the concept of product stewardship/extended producer responsibility (EPR), supports the conclusions in this report against EPR,
  • A key conclusion that mentions Ramsey County and is not adequately supported, and
  • Incorrect or incomplete statements.”

The complete response has been posted in the Knowledge Base available to GlobalPSC members.

Global Developments in Product Stewardship

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On 22 October 2012, GlobalPSC President Russ Martin chaired Day 1 of the Zero Waste Summit in Melbourne, Australia, and presented on global developments in product stewardship. Russ’s presentation is now available to GlobalPSC members through the Knowledge Base.

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