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GlobalPSC Australian Senate Testimony – Part 2 of 3

Posted by GlobalPSC in Video Archive at 4:24 pm, April 26th, 2012

GlobalPSC Australian Senate Testimony – Part 1 of 3

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New GlobalPSC Member – Kelleher Environmental

Posted by GlobalPSC in Member Profiles at 8:01 am, April 17th, 2012

We are pleased to announce the latest member of the Global Product Stewardship Council, Kelleher Environmental.

Kelleher Environmental is an environmental consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which specializes in four areas:
•    environmental research and policy development,
•    waste diversion policy development, planning, implementation and evaluation
•    energy conservation, climate change and green energy,
•    consultation workshop design and facilitation.

The company was founded by Maria Kelleher in 2002. Ms Kelleher has been involved in environmental and waste management projects in Canada and internationally since the early 1980’s, and received the 2007 Waste Management Professional of the Year award from MWIN (Municipal Waste Integration Network).

Call2Recycle Receives R2 Certification

Posted by GlobalPSC in News at 8:35 am, April 4th, 2012

Global Product Stewardship Council member Call2Recycle operates over 30,000 collection point for batteries and mobile / cell phones in North America. Call2Recycle has announced that it is the first program of its kind to receive the Responsible Recycling Practices Standard (R2) certification relating to environmental and public health, worker health and safety, security aspects of electronics recycling, and the management of the collection and distribution of batteries and mobile / cell phones to downstream processors for recycling. A media release regarding the announcement of R2 certification is available here.

Second Australian TV & Computer Product Stewardship Arrangement Announced

Posted by GlobalPSC in News at 4:59 pm, March 28th, 2012

The Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) has been approved as the second Co-regulatory Arrangement under Australia’s National Television and Computer Product Stewardship Scheme and the Product StewardshipAct 2011. This follows the approval earlier in March of DHL Supply Chain as the first approved Co-regulatory Arrangement. Official media releases from Senator the Hon Don Farrell, Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water are available for DHL Supply Chain and ANZRP.

Product Stewardship Implementation Workshop – Enviro 2012

Posted by GlobalPSC in Events at 5:10 pm, March 25th, 2012

The Global Product Stewardship Council is bringing experts on product stewardship policies and programs together to provide a practical product stewardship implementation workshop on 24 July in conjunction with the Enviro 2012 Conference & Exhibition in Adelaide, Australia.


Australia’s new Product Stewardship Act provides a policy framework for voluntary, co-regulatory and mandatory product stewardship programs. What are the implications? What are the opportunities and risks for your organisation?

Following keynote presentations providing international and domestic context, content will be targeted through short presentations and facilitated panel discussions in order to maximise opportunities for interaction and learning.

International experts will provide insight to overseas experience and commercial drivers for product stewardship and producer responsibility. Federal and state policy makers will provide context and address program expectations. Managers of existing programs will share practical insights and challenges of program implementation. Managers of new programs will address recovery, access, logistics, finance and other aspects of pending programs for collecting TVs, computers, other electronics and other products through product stewardship.

Confirmed plenary speakers include:

Confirmed panel speakers include:

  • Vaughan Levitzke, Chief Executive of Zero Waste SA;
  • John Polhill, Product Stewardship Specialist – Waste Strategy of Sustainability Victoria;
  • Carmel Dollisson, General Manager of Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform Ltd;
  • Peter Bruce, Senior Director – Service Parts Logistics of DHL Supply Chain;
  • Rose Read, Manager, Recycling of MobileMuster;
  • Ed George of Plasback;
  • Greg Leslie, Battery World franchisee recycling spokesperson; and
  • Lorraine Lilley, Project Manager of the FluoroCycle Scheme.

Panel discussions will be facilitated by Helen Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative and Russ Martin, GlobalPSC President.

GlobalPSC members receive discounted registration rates for the workshop and a 10% discount off Enviro Conference delegate registrations. Registration details are available here.

Sponsors include:

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact

Hyperlinked organisations are all GlobalPSC members.

Contrary to a recent email reminder from Enviro 2012, the workshop will not address the issue of container deposits. The workshop will, however, address various electronics, including TVs, computers and mobile phones, as well as other products such as batteries, fluorescent bulbs and agricultural chemicals and chemical containers.

Product Stewardship Institute Spring / Summer Webinar Series

Posted by GlobalPSC in Events at 9:34 am, March 15th, 2012

13th Networking Webinar Series 

May 2012 – June 2012

Register now for the Product Stewardship Institute’s Spring/Summer webinar series! Topics include Local Government Perspectives on the Transition to EPR, Emerging Options for Simplified Lifecycle Analyses, Coke’s PlantBottle Packaging, Evaluating New York’s E-waste Program, and Voluntary and Mandatory Product Stewardship Programs.

  1. Making the Change: Local Government Perspectives on the Transition to EPR
  2. Lifecycle Flashing Before Your Eyes: Emerging Options for Simplified Lifecycle Analyses and Their Role in Product Stewardship
  3. One Year Later: Evaluating New York’s E-waste Program
  4. Voluntary and Mandatory Product Stewardship Programs — Finding the balance between government regulation and private sector initiative
  5. Coke’s PlantBottle Packaging – Changing the Way We View Product Impacts

PSI’s webinar registration fees have changed. For more information on registration and fees, contact PSI.

Making the Change: Local Government Perspectives on the Transition to EPR
Wednesday, May 9 2:00-3:30 PM EST/11:00-12:30 PM PST
Overview: Producer responsibility laws not only change the way waste management is financed but also change the roles played by all key stakeholders. This webinar will explore changes in local government agency roles following the implementation of U.S. stewardship laws on electronics and paint, and in British Columbia on a range of products, including packaging and printed materials. With the shifting of financial and management responsibility, producers naturally seek greater control of the system to reduce costs and achieve performance goals. On this webinar, speakers will explore how their roles are evolving or have changed pertaining to contracting for services, education of residents, collection of materials, and other key factors. They will also discuss how the roles changed for manufacturers, retailers, and other key stakeholders. In addition, these officials will provide suggestions to other local governments facing similar transitions, and discuss the challenges they faced in relinquishing control to manufacturers while maintaining their regulatory and oversight role. 

Moderator: Scott Cassel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Product Stewardship Institute


  • Karen Fiedler, Solid Waste Supervisor, Waukesha County, Wisconsin
  • Monica Kosmack, Program Manager – Zero Waste Planning, City of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Donald Maglienti, Program Coordinator, Addison County Solid Waste Management District, Vermont


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Lifecycle Flashing Before Your Eyes: Emerging Options for Simplified Lifecycle Analyses and Their Role in Product Stewardship
Tuesday, May 22 2:00-3:30 PM EST/11:00-12:30 PM PST
Overview: Lifecycle assessment (LCA) is a technique used to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product’s life from-cradle-to-grave, and provides a method to measure the ecological footprint of a particular product or service. The typical LCA is time and resource-intensive, and is often performed confidentially by an individual company or association. Several organizations are seeking to make the process more transparent and accessible by consolidating data, creating generic assessments for “prototype” products, and reducing the time and resources required. On this webinar, three national experts will present their unique approaches to LCA and discuss the relative merits and opportunities. The goal of the webinar is to make LCA more accessible to policy makers and those interested in learning more about how to apply these emerging tools. 

Moderator: Scott Cassel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Product Stewardship Institute


  • Jo Anne Shatkin, Chief Executive Officer, CLF Ventures
  • Greg Norris, Founder and Director, Sylvatica
  • Kevin Dooley, Academic Director, The Sustainability Consortium


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One Year Later: Evaluating New York’s E-waste Program
Tuesday, June 5 2:00-3:30 PM EST/11:00-12:30 PM PST
Overview: When New York passed the nation’s 22nd state producer responsibility law in 2010, those working on legislative language had the benefit of lessons learned from other states and many viewed the law as among the most progressive in the nation to date. In the spring of 2012, data will be released on the program’s first year of implementation. This webinar will feature prominent players that made this law possible, and will cover a wide range of perspectives from representatives of an electronics manufacturer, state government, local government, electronics recycler, and a national environmental group. These panelists will reflect on the choices made during the passage of the legislation, the outcome of the law after one year, and changes they would recommend for program refinement in the future. 

Moderator: Kate Hagemann, Associate for Policy and Programs, Product Stewardship Institute


  • Mark Moroukian, Environmental Engineer, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Resa Dimino, Consultant (formerly Director of Legislative Programs at WeRecycle!)
  • Kate Sinding, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Eric Swenson, Superintendent of Environmental Control, Town of Oyster Bay, NY
  • Manufacturer representative, TBA


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Voluntary and Mandatory Product Stewardship Programs—Finding the balance between government regulation and private sector initiative
Thursday, June 14 1:00-2:30 PM EST/10:00-11:30 PM PST
Overview: The producer responsibility approach seeks to engage manufacturers in taking greater financial and management responsibility for reducing the environmental and social impacts of their products over the entire lifecycle. Product stewardship programs can take the form of voluntary industry-driven programs, as well as programs that are regulated. Which achieve better outcomes? Which are most cost effective? Which ones are paving the way forward toward the proper balance between government regulation and free market innovation? Which functions are better for government to manage and which should be the domain of producers? This webinar will explore a controversial topic about which there are many strong opinions. We will hear from those who advocate for all sides of the issue, in the U.S. and Canada. 

Moderator: Scott Cassel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Product Stewardship Institute


  • Walter Alcorn, Vice President, Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability, Consumer Electronics Association
  • Neil Hastie, President and CEO, Encorp Pacific
  • Carl Smith, CEO/President, Call2Recycle
  • Garth Hickle, Product Stewardship Team Leader, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • David Lawes, Analyst – Public Safety and Prevention Initiatives, British Columbia Ministry of Environment
  • Sego Jackson, Principal Planner, Snohomish County, Washington


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Coke’s PlantBottle Packaging – Changing the Way We View Product Impacts
Tuesday, June 26 2:00-3:30 PM EST/11:00-12:30 PM PST

Overview: In 2009, The Coca-Cola Company introduced a breakthrough innovation gloablly that it believes will have a revolutionary impact on the sustainability of commercial plastics. Coca-Cola’s new PlantBottle package contains up to 30 percent plant-based material, which looks, functions, and recycles just like traditional PET plastic, but with a lighter environmental footprint. That plant material replaces approximately one-third of the petroleum-based material that traditionally is used to make PET plastic bottles. In 2011, Coke also announced investments in three technologies it believes can deliver the first commercially viable solution for making the remaining 70% of PET plastic from plants and realizing the company’s vision of a 100% renewable, responsibly sourced and fully recyclable bottle.

This webinar will provide an in-depth focus on all aspects of the PlantBottle packaging supply chain, including material sourcing, manufacture, distribution, and post-consumer recycling. We will explore the lifecycle analysis that evaluated environmental impacts along the entire container supply chain, explore the relationship between this new packaging and Coke’s ongoing commitment to increasing recycling and using post-consumer recycled content in its bottles, and how the PlantBottle relates to the company’s investment in PET recycling plants.

Moderator: Scott Cassel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Product Stewardship Institute

Speaker: Scott Vitters, PlantBottle Packaging Innovation Platform General Manager, The Coca-Cola Company


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Webinar Fees and Registration Information
  • Webinars are FREE for PSI Full Members and Sustaining Partners
  • PSI Partners pay $60 per webinar
  • Affiliate and Non PSI Members/Partners pay $95 per webinarNot sure if you are a PSI Member or Partner? Please visit the Membership and Partnership Information page to see if you qualify for a discounted rate. Interested attendees must register for each networking webinar separately. Non PSI Members or Partners will be contacted after registration for payment.

Questions? Contact Erin Linsky Graeber, PSI’s Senior Associate of Outreach and Communications at 617-236-4866 or


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Draft Australian/New Zealand Standard for WEEE Released

Posted by GlobalPSC in News at 4:22 pm, March 14th, 2012

The draft Australian/New Zealand Standard DR AS/NZS 5377 for collection, storage, transport and treatment of used electrical and electronic equipment has been released and is available for public comment until 15 May 2012.

The draft standard is available from the Global Product Stewardship Council at:




Reciprocal Discounts on GlobalPSC & PSI Memberships

Posted by GlobalPSC in News at 10:52 am, March 11th, 2012

The Global Product Stewardship Council and Product Stewardship Institute are conducting a one-year trial of 20% reciprocal membership discounts. Current PSI partners receive a 20% discount off the appropriate GlobalPSC membership category and current GlobalPSC members are eligible for a 20% discount when joining PSI. The discounts will be applied when memberships are first applied for or renewed through September 2012. Several members have already taken advantage of this opportunity to increase their knowledge of product stewardship and expand their network of contacts, all while saving money.

Those who are members/partners of both GlobalPSC and PSI have access to a diverse stakeholder group both within the U.S. and around the world that is directly active on product stewardship, and will have more opportunities to network and develop business opportunities within the product stewardship movement. Members/partners are also kept informed of the latest developments in the product stewardship movement in the though news updates, listservs, webinars, monthly calls and special events in addition to a full range of social media sources.

After the first year, both groups will assess whether to continue the discounts. Email or to take advantage of this offer. Considering joining both at the same time? We’ll help make sure the discounts apply to both memberships.

GlobalPSC Member Profile – Mai-Wel E-Cycling Services

Posted by GlobalPSC in Member Profiles at 5:53 pm, February 29th, 2012

The Global Product Stewardship Council is pleased to have as one of its longest-standing members Mai-Wel E-Cycling Services.


Mai-Wel E-Cycling Services, a division of The Mai-Wel Group, provides a comprehensive electronic waste recycling service of all electronic goods for Government, businesses large and small plus residential ratepayers.  All items are disassembled to commodity components locally in the Hunter Region of New South Wales (Australia), by people with a disability, providing a cost-effective service for business to recycle their unwanted electronic items when they reach their end of life.  Mai-Wel E-Cycling Services is able to provide a Hunter-wide, and in fact anywhere north of Sydney, solution for the National Television and Computer Product Stewardship Scheme.  Mai-Wel E-Cycling Services has three years’ experience in the provision a municipal electronic waste solution and currently provide e-waste management services for eight Hunter Councils.  For more information call +61 2 4933 4588, visit, ‘like’ The-Mai-Wel-Group on Facebook or follow @TheMaiWelGroup on Twitter.

Content provided courtesy of Mai-Wel E-Cycling Services.

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