GlobalPSC Highlights for 2016

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The Global Product Stewardship Council further expanded our coverage of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs and policies in 2016, in addition to deepening our understanding in several key emerging issues. Some of the GlobalPSC’s 2016 highlights include:

The GlobalPSC was also joined by several new members in 2016, including:

The GlobalPSC and a range of our members collaborated with Dr Helen Lewis to produce her book Product Stewardship in Action, which promotes the business case for product stewardship. GlobalPSC members are entitled to a 30% discount on the book for a limited time. Contact us for details.

For the GlobalPSC’s year-end Annual General Meeting, nominations were called for the following positions, to be in effect for one year:

The Executive Committee comprises the office-holders plus Kylie Hughes, Scott Cassel, Garth Hickle, Mark Kurschner and Ed Cordner. With the exception of David Perchard, all office-holders and Executive Committee members re-nominted and were re-elected. David Perchard is taking a step back from GlobalPSC commitments to spend more time with family; his service since the foundation of the GlobalPSC was duly noted and greatly appreciated. No nominations for Vice-President were received, so the position will be filled by the Executive Committee in early 2017.


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