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GlobalPSC Member – Lorax Compliance

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Lorax Compliance is a leading provider of global product environmental compliance solutions comprising market-leading software, data provision services and practical down-to-earth regulatory advice and consulting.

Lorax Compliance delivers cloud-based Environmental Compliance Software and Services to companies who need to comply with local, national and global Extended Producer Responsibility waste directives concerning Packaging, WEEE and Batteries.

By offering turnkey compliance solutions, Lorax Compliance automates the regulatory systems and business processes of its customers, through the provision of the best software tools, the most robust data and regulatory know-how. Lorax Compliance’s mission is to assist customers to reduce their compliance risks and to manage the escalating costs of worldwide environmental compliance.

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BEBAT (Fund for the Collection of Batteries)

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BEBAT was established in 1995 to gain an exemption from the Belgium government’s eco-tax. It became operational in 1996. The program is financed by a fee charged per battery on the market (€0.1239), which is set by the Government. Around 20,000 retail collection points have been established.

The eco-tax law (1993) has an exemption for any battery program that achieves set collection targets. Producers must pay a tax per battery unless they achieve a collection rate of 45% from 2010 and 50% from 2012 through an agreed collective or individual recycling system. All 3 regions have laws requiring mandatory take-back of batteries, in line with the EU Batteries Directive 2006/66/EC.

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