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Consultation on Australia’s Product Stewardship Act 2011

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Australia’s Department of the Environment and Energy is reviewing the Product Stewardship Act 2011 and is releasing a consultation paper (click here for an advance copy) to help inform the review.

In addition to releasing the consultation paper, the Department is supporting the GlobalPSC’s International Stewardship Forum 4-5 April in Sydney. As part of delivering the Forum, the GlobalPSC is reflecting the Forum’s sessions and exclusive, invitation-only Chatham House discussions in an Issues and Options Paper that will help inform the Department’s review. Register now to be part of the debate and to help inform your own input into the future of product stewardship in Australia and changes to Australia’s product stewardship framework.

The Department will hold public consultation forums in all state and territory capitals during May and June 2018, and the call for written submissions will close on 29 June. Information on the dates and venues for these forums will be published on the Department’s website as they become available.

The Department commissioned an independent evaluation of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme in 2017. The evaluation report will be available on the Department’s website this week.

The Department is also making minor amendments to the Product Stewardship (Televisions and Computers) Regulations 2011, to update settings relating to the estimation of weights of products imported and entering the waste stream each year.

Download the Consultation Paper here.

Register here for the International Stewardship Forum.





California Packaging Product Stewardship Reform

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Roughly 25 percent of California’s disposed waste stream is comprised of packaging materials. While the benefits of packaging are noted, improper management can result in greenhouse gas emissions, waterway and marine debris, and human health impacts.

According to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle),

“(i)n order to help meet the state’s aggressive 75 percent recycling, composting, and source reduction goal by 2020, and particularly in light of significant recent developments such as the drop in California’s recycling rate and potential implications of China’s expanding regulations to ban certain scrap imports, it is critical now more than ever to address this portion of the waste stream. This will require a higher level of awareness and involvement by all parties involved in the sale and use of packaging: manufacturers, distributors, retailers, local governments, waste haulers, and consumers. After an extensive stakeholder outreach process dating back to 2012, the Director of (CalRecycle) instructed staff at the September 2016 monthly public meeting to develop a comprehensive, mandatory policy model for managing packaging to significantly reduce its presence in the waste stream.”

CalRecycle is seeking additional input on the proposed reforms for packaging.

In draft screening criteria for determining priority packaging types released in July 2017, CalRecycle noted that,

“(g)iven that there is not a one-size-fits-all policy solution for all packaging, the Department is choosing to evaluate which mandatory policy models (e.g., Extended Producer Responsibility, etc.) and instruments (e.g., minimum content, etc.) might be best suited to increasing collection and recovery of specific packaging types. In order to do this, staff are developing a set of screening criteria to determine which packaging types could be prioritized for analysis relative to different mandatory policy approaches.” 

To further advance public consultation on the issue, including an October 2017 workshop, CalRecycle has released a background document to

“solicit stakeholder input on a comprehensive policy framework as a policy model, what the framework should entail, critical steps for how it could work, and how specific policy tools could be implemented within that framework. In addition, staff are seeking feedback on how the framework could be enforced, how CalRecycle could measure progress and success, and how the framework could respond to changes in the marketplace.”‘

The background document contains final screening criteria for packaging based on the draft criteria and public consultation. Stakeholder submissions received prior to the 10 October workshop are also available here.


GlobalPSC Seeks Member Views for Product Stewardship Policy Submissions

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The Global Product Stewardship Council is seeking the views of active GlobalPSC members to assist in the preparation of public submissions addressing proposed product stewardship policies in New Zealand and Nova Scotia. The GlobalPSC is also seeking Expressions of Interest from active GlobalPSC members for nomination to a GlobalPSC Advisory Group to provide direct input on GlobalPSC content and policies, including the planned submissions.

New Zealand has released a discussion paper on potential prioritisation for product stewardship under New Zealand’s Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and opened consultation until 2 July 2014.

Nova Scotia has flagged possible product stewardship / extended producer responsibility for 24 product categories as part of proposed changes to the provincial solid waste regulations and opened consultation until 11 July 2014. 

until 2 July 2014.
Consultation will be open until 2 July 2014.

Members are asked to email their views on the New Zealand and Nova Scotia discussion papers to the GlobalPSC by 10 June in order to allow time for compilation and drafting. Expressions of Interest for the Advisory Group are also welcome by 10 June, comprising brief biographies and interest in product stewardship not exceeding 800 words. Advisory Group members must be active GlobalPSC members, either as individuals or as part of a member organisation. Information on membership categories, benefits and registration is available here.

Contact GlobalPSC CEO Russ Martin with any questions or comments.

Draft Guidelines for Voluntary Industry-led Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme in Australia

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The Australian Government’s Tyre Implementation Working Group (IWG) has issued draft guidelines for the voluntary industry-led tyre product stewardship scheme developed by the Tyre IWG. Comments on the Guidelines are now being sought, with comments closing 23 July 2012.

The Tyre IWG has representation from the Australian Tyre Industry Council, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Australian Motor Industry Federation, Australian Tyre Recyclers Association, Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce and the Australian and Queensland governments.

The tyre product stewardship scheme aims to increase domestic tyre recycling, expand the market for tyre derived products and reduce the number of Australian end-of-life tyres that are sent to landfill, illegally dumped or exported as whole baled tyres. The model scheme will be industry-led and operated, market based, and will acknowledge the inherent value of all end-of-life tyres across Australia.

The draft guidelines for the voluntary industry-led scheme have the following features:

  • any stakeholder in the supply chain, including tyre manufacturers and importers, retailers, fleet operators, collectors, recyclers and local governments, may apply to become a participant in the voluntary scheme;
  • a series of commitments that would apply to stakeholders in the supply chain that become participants in the scheme. These commitments require participants to play their part in ensuring end-of-life tyres go to an environmentally sound use;
  • a company called Tyre Stewardship Australia, funded by tyre manufacturers and importers, that will be responsible for administering the scheme and for working to remove impediments to the development of a sustainable domestic tyre recycling industry;
  • a tyre stewardship  fund to support  the scheme including education, communication, market development and early stage research;
  • enterprise to enterprise agreements or contractual arrangements between businesses and organisations to ensure that end-of-life tyres go to an environmentally sound use, subject to consideration of relevant competition laws;
  • a compliance component to be undertaken by Tyre Stewardship Australia through random and risk based audits, with failure to comply with commitments to the scheme leading to revocation of a participant’s accreditation; and
  • costs associated with ensuring the environmentally sound use of end-of-life tyres are likely to be passed on to consumers at around the same level as disposal charges that are paid by many tyre consumers now.

Consultation process

The Tyre IWG is seeking comments, closing on 23 July 2012. During this period, written submissions are invited and information meetings will be held in all capital cities and one major regional centre. Details about the venues are to be confirmed.

Date Location Time
27 June 2012 Canberra 9:00 to 10.00am
28 June 2012 Sydney 9:00 to 10.00am
2 July 2012 Melbourne 9:00 to 10.00am
3 July 2012 Hobart 9:00 to 10.00am
4 July 2012 Adelaide 9:00 to 10.00am
5 July 2012 Perth 10.00 to 11.00am
11 July 2012 Darwin 8.30 to 9.30am
12 July 2012 Brisbane 9:00 to 10.00am
13 July 2012 Gladstone 9:00 to 10.00am

Pre-register your attendance at the information meetings or the bilateral meetings as soon as possible (and at least three business days before the scheduled date) by emailing Please include your name, organisation, contact details and number(s)/name(s) of attendees.

Making a submission

The closing date for submissions is 23 July 2012. Submissions may be lodged to A coversheet for submissions and privacy statement are available.

Accreditation of Voluntary Product Stewardship Programs

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The Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC) has released a consultation paper on the proposed model for accreditation of voluntary product stewardship arrangements under the Product Stewardship Act 2011. Written submissions on the consultation paper are sought by 27 March 2012.

Public meetings will be held in Sydney on 14 March 2012, Canberra on 16 March and Melbourne on 20 March. Further information on the consultation process is available on the SEWPaC website.

SEWPaC is a Government Member of the Global Product Stewardship Council, and the GlobalPSC is pleased to have provided input in the development of the proposed arrangements.

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