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GlobalPSC Corporate Member – Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a world leader in medical devices and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care, surgery and in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.


Emerging Global EPR Best Practices for Packaging

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A new study of 11 international extended producer responsibility (EPR) and product stewardship programs for packaging and printed paper (PPP) has preliminarily identified a series of emerging global best practices to help optimize and harmonize solutions for managing packaging waste.

The report was led by the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) in association with PAC NEXT to help industry and government work together to find ways to reduce cost and regulatory complexity in existing and potential EPR programs for PPP.

“The preliminary findings of our research underscore what we at PSI have always believed: that, within the context of product stewardship, the most successful materials management programs often incorporate a combination of legislative and voluntary strategies,” said Scott Cassel, Chief Executive Officer of PSI and a member of the GlobalPSC Executive Committee. “The program summaries provided in this report offer a wealth of data for government agencies and industry groups around the world to evaluate, and we look forward to using this information as a springboard for critical stakeholder dialogues.”

The report examines EPR programs in Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and British Columbia); Europe (Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom); and Australia. Based on an initial assessment of the data collected on these programs, PAC NEXT and PSI concluded that “the following attributes, when present together, can constitute a high performing EPR program:

  • The program covers residential, public, as well as industrial, commercial and institutional (IC+I) sources;
  • The program covers all material types (including printed paper);
  • The cost per ton is low;
  • Collection and recycling rates are high;
  • The value and quality of materials are high;
  • The program is convenient for residents and others;
  • Producers take full responsibility for post-consumer packaging management”.

“What this report has allowed us to do is develop an understanding of how EPR programs for packaging around the world operate – what they share in common, what they do different, what works, what could use some improvement,” said Jennifer Holliday, president of PSI’s board of directors. “It is our hope that these findings enable industry and government to collaborate on ways to harmonize packaging waste solutions.”

Also based on the data, PSI and PAC NEXT identified the following policies as “complementary to EPR, playing an important role in increasing the performance of packaging collection and recycling systems:

  • Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs;
  • Mandatory recycling requirements;
  • Landfill bans for recyclable materials; and
  • Container deposit programs”.

The GlobalPSC provided program analysis in support of the study.

GlobalPSC Corporate Member – Reclay StewardEdge

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Reclay StewardEdge Inc. is based in Toronto with additional offices in other Canadian provinces and US states. An international consultancy organization with extensive experience and expertise in sustainability related to the end-of-life management of packaging and products, their principals are considered pioneers in the recycling and sustainability field. In November 2012, StewardEdge Inc. became part of the Reclay Group (Cologne, Germany) to extend their global reach and offer a broader suite of services to their clients.

Select Proceedings from Electronics Recycling Asia in Guangzhou, China

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In November 2012, the Global Product Stewardship Council attended the Electronics Recycling Asia event in Guangzhou, China. Select presentations from the event have been posted on the Knowledge Base available to GlobalPSC members, with the consent of the presenters.

The presentations posted include (in no particular order):

  • The Principles of Proper Regulation by Crystynna Ewe of Dell in Singapore
  • Sustaining Electronics Recycling Globally: Key Ingredients to a Successful Market by Robin K. Wiener of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. in the US
  • How does Taiwan Recycle Electronics Waste? by Prof. Hsiao-Kang Ma of the National Taiwan University Department of Mechanical Engineering in Taiwan
  • Rare Earth Recovery from Urban Mines: Recycling of Luminescent Powder from Fluorescent Lamps by Thomas Langer of OSRAM AG in Germany
  • European WEEE Recycling Standard – What will the EU WEEELABEX Standard Require of Global Recyclers? by Julie-Ann Adams of Really Green Credentials Ltd in the United Kingdom
  • Development of Total Recycling Technologies for Flat Panel Display Devices by Dr Hyun Seon Hong, of the Institute for Advanced Engineering in Korea
  • Electronic Product Stewardship in Australia and New Zealand by Russ Martin of the GlobalPSC

GlobalPSC members can log in to the Knowledge Base via the Members tab at

GlobalPSC Member – Joachim Quoden Law Firm

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The law firm of Joachim Quoden is specialized in producer responsibility legislation with a focus on the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. Joachim possesses very detailed knowledge of the implementation of the Packaging Directive in the different European Member States as well as in other countries around the world. His advice is frequently solicited in the course of implementing and amending the respective packaging legislation in various countries. He is a member of the German lawyers association and the association of lawyers in Bonn as well as the Product Stewardship Institute in Boston, US. Joachim also serves as a member of the GlobalPSC Advisory Group.

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