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GlobalPSC Member Profile – Valoryza

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Based in Santiago, Chile, Valoryza Environmental Advisors offer strategic advice and expertise to cost-effectively support compliance with extended producer responsibility (EPR), by way of product stewardship programs to producers and organizations that are affected by environmental regulations.

As a regional expert with access to a global best practice network, Valoryza assists local and foreign companies in navigating through and succeeding within Latin American waste management regulatory systems and frameworks.

Key services include, but not are limited to, those listed below.

Offering representation and consultancy services to:

  • Chilean industries seeking to participate in the elaboration and detailed design of the EPR systems.
  • International companies with obligations under the EPR and other environmental regulations.

Strategic advice:

  • Design, implementation and administration of waste management systems under EPR regulations.
  • Cost-effective management of product impacts, in line with product stewardship requirements.
  • Elaboration of Strategic Plans to help guide companies as they face new challenges related to new and more demanding environmental regulations.

Solution design, implementation and management for:

  • Source separation, collection, packaging, processing and re-use of all types of waste.
  • Waste management aimed at recovery services to ensure the fulfillment of business sustainability goals and environmental commitments with both local and national authorities.

Valoryza consultants have extensive experience in conducting investigation, research studies, audits, assessments and developing strategic forecasts to support clients in meeting their obligations regarding manufacturing, waste management, sorting, transport and final disposal in the most responsible and cost-effective way.

If you represent a business with opportunities related to EPR, waste management or other environmental matters in Latin America, Valoryza is available to help.


Rodrigo Leiva Neumann
General Manager
+56 9 72143053


R2 Pilot Expansion in Latin America

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SERI‘s Latin America pilot project has shifted to helping participating recyclers learn and implement the requirements in the R2 Standard, following Spanish and Portuguese translations of the R2 Standard.

Now SERI and project partners Greeneye Partners, DIRECTV, Oracle, Sims Recycling Solutions and Arrow Electronics have announced that Greeneye Partners has completed site visits for the recycling facilities participating in the project,and performed a gap analysis for facilities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador. R2 implementation training is also being offered to facility managers and environmental, health, and safety representatives.

“Stakeholders throughout electronics recycling community have recognized the need for more responsible, safe, and sustainable management of used electronics in Central and South America. By working with our partners to increase the number of responsible recycling options, SERI hopes to set a positive example others can build on. There is still much work to be done, but  this project represents an important first step in improving the overall quality of electronics recycling in the region”, Henry Leineweber, Program Director for SERI, told the GlobalPSC.

Progress to date has been encouraging, though many challenges remain such as communicating the importance of responsible recycling and the need for R2 certification in the region.  Developing cost-effective infrastructure to support certification, including local consultants and auditors, translated versions of EHSMS plans and documents, and acceptable end-markets for materials will also prove essential.

First R2 Certified Facility in South America

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R2 Solutions has announced that Arrow Global Asset Disposition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has become the first electronics recycler in South America to achieve R2 certification.


“We are extremely pleased with the leadership that Arrow Global Asset Disposition has shown as the first R2 Certified facility in South America,” stated John Lingelbach, Executive Director of R2 Solutions, the non-profit organization that governs the R2 Standard.  “As use of personal electronic devices continues to rapidly increase around the world, so does the need for safe and sustainable recycling facilities. The challenge to protect workers and the environment while maximizing the recovery of valuable materials found in end-of-life electronics has never been greater – and Arrow has stepped up to the challenge.  Arrow’s newly certified facility in Brazil is a tremendous development for the people of South America and the environment.  We congratulate Arrow on this very important achievement.”

Developed through a transparent, consensus-based process, the goal of the R2 standard was to develop a voluntary, market-based mechanism for expanding and encouraging the use of best practices for electronics refurbishing and recycling. The “R2 Certified” designation signifies that companies have passed an annual, multi-day inspection by a third party certifying body and are found to be in conformance with all the requirements of the R2 standard.


Shifting the Burden of Recycling: Yale Journal Explores the State of Extended Producer Responsibility

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By Reid Lifset, Editor-in-chief
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Over the past two decades governments around the world have been experimenting with a new strategy for managing waste. By making producers responsible for their products when they become wastes, policy makers seek to significantly increase the recycling­-and recyclability­-of computers, packaging, automobiles, and household hazardous wastes such as batteries, used oil motor, and leftover paint­-and save money in the process.

This strategy, known as extended producer responsibility (EPR), is the subject of a new special feature in Yale University’s Journal of Industrial Ecology. The special feature examines the use of EPR across diverse scales-­from countries to provinces and states­-and investigates work underway in the U.S., the European Union, Canada, China, Brazil and the State of Washington. The application of EPR to e-waste is a particular focus of the research in the special feature.

The Journal of Industrial Ecology is a bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal, owned by Yale University, published by Wiley-Blackwell and headquartered at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

Articles in the special feature are freely downloadable for a limited time here.

Partial support for this special feature was provided by Nestle Waters North America with additional funding from Reverse Logistics Group Americas LLC.

New GlobalPSC Corporate Member – ARCOA

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ARCOA has become one of the latest multinational Corporate Members of the Global Product Stewardship Council.

ARCOA is an ISO14001 and R2 certified recycler of electronics. Services provided to customers include Compliance and Risk Management, Asset Management, Investment Recovery and Technology Recycling. Under the umbrella of holding company the ARCOA Group, ARCOA operates facilities in the United States, Chile, Hong Kong and China.

ARCOA is committed to environmental sustainability through comprehensive programs of remarketing, de-manufacturing, component recovery, recycling and refining of used and end of life electronics.

ARCOA is committed to a sustainable future and to offering services that are socially responsible and to conduct business in an ethical manner. ARCOA’s ethics and social responsibility are built around the recognition that everything done in connection with their work is measured against the highest possible standards.

R2 recyclers adhere to stringent environmental, health, safety and security requirements and ensure that toxic material streams are managed safely, responsibly, and legally by downstream vendors – all the way to final disposition. ARCOA earned ISO 14001 certification in 2011. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world’s largest developer and publisher of international standards.

George Hinkle, President and Founder of ARCOA, was recently invited to Washington DC by the American Chemical Society to brief Congressional staffers on the benefits of recycling electronics. George’s presentation and several others are available here.

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