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Child Car Safety Seats – What a Valuable Waste!

Posted by GlobalPSC at 5:12 am, October 3rd, 2016Comments0

Sitting and gathering dust in a garage and waiting for the right time to pass on your used child car safety seat to a friend or relative may soon be a thing of the past.

Child car safety seats that have been involved in an accident or have been mistreated could result in damage to a number of the key safety components. Continuous exposure to heat and sunlight, something Australia’s climate serves up best, could also degrade the plastic structure and other important parts.

It has been found that the average consumer has little knowledge about the existence of recommended expiry dates and the continuingly updated Australian Standards applied to the manufacture of child car safety seats – which in turn has an impact on the suitability of seats to protect children and infants over a period of time.

Removing potentially unsafe or worn or damaged child car safety seats from the market will not only protect children and infants, but could provide an opportunity to responsibly divert these products from landfill and implement an efficient resource recovery and recycling program.

Without a means to effectively remove child car safety seats from the public domain, expired and damaged seats may remain in circulation. They could be offered for sale in online stores such as Gumtree and eBay, illegally dumped on the side of a road or removed from kerbside hard rubbish collections to only be reused again.

There are currently no general programs or schemes within Australia to enable parents to responsibly dispose of and/or recycle child car safety seats. With a growing population and demand for new products, the cost to Governments and communities for the collection and disposal of child car safety seats will only increase.

Setting up a product stewardship and recycling program presents an opportunity to reduce the end-of-life child car safety seats being reused, sold or ending up in landfills which is what Equilibrium, an Australian based sustainability consulting and management company, is hoping to achieve.

Equilibrium will be bringing together a number of key stakeholders from product importers and manufacturers, retailers, automotive clubs and recyclers in early October 2016 to explore how a voluntary product stewardship program might be established to manage the whole of life cycle of a child car safety seat and significantly increase resource recovery and recycling as a result of providing an avenue to return and recycle end-of-life systems.


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David Perchard – Vice President of GlobalPSC Managing Director of Perchards Ltd

Posted by GlobalPSC at 12:49 pm, April 26th, 2012Comments6

David Perchard is Managing Director of Perchards Limited, a UK-based consultancy that was founded in 1987 as a specialist public affairs consultancy to monitor and assess legislative developments at national and EU level as well as to help private-sector clients adopt politically and environmentally aware corporate policies. Perchards are expert both in EU and in national policies across Europe and beyond, and their web-based information service is used by subscribers from all over the world.

David has been involved with packaging waste management policy ever since the European Commission started taking an interest in the environmental impact of packaging in 1974, and his consultancy has expanded its interest in recycling and waste management to cover waste electrical and electronic products, spent batteries and end-of-life vehicles as the EU has developed “producer responsibility” policies for these sectors.

The company has carried out studies for the European Commission, the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank group) and governmental bodies in Australia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Slovak Republic and the UK, and has been engaged by nearly 300 companies or organisations based in 34 countries in every continent.

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